Director of Research
Art Hogan 212.402.2056
Leisure/Healthy Lifestyles
Rommel Dionisio 212.402.2068
Specialty Retail/Apparel
Eric Beder 212.402.2066
Diversified Industrials
Specialty Industrial & Materials
Liam Burke 410.369.2626
Exploration & Production
Irene Haas 713.403.3980
Exploration & Production/Onshore Oilfield Services
Jason Wangler 713.403.3985
Master Limited Partnerships
Jeff Birnbaum, CFA 212.402.2054
James L. Dobson, CFA 212.402.2059
Financial Services
Merrill Ross 703.307.9409
Real Estate
Merrill Ross 703.307.9409
Craig Kucera 540.277.3366
Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
Cable/Satellite Entertainment
Matthew Harrigan 303.965.7966
Communications & Networking
Matthew S. Robison 415.661.0470
Enterprise Software
Rob Breza 415.489.6836
A world class Equity Capital Markets Group (Broker Dealer) starts with value added thought provoking research. At Wunderlich Securities, Inc. (WSI) our analysts are domain experts with real access to management. In most cases they have 15 years of experience or come from industry with relevant experience. As such our analysts are able to find information and data that helps the institutional investor make better decisions.
Our approach to research and the WSI industry concentration targets areas of significant secular growth or extended cyclical growth. WSI does not seek to be all things to everyone as such we are focused today on six industry verticals: Consumer, Diversified Industrials, Energy, Healthcare, Financial Services and Technology and Media & Telecommunications and Accounting.
We have a traditional approach to our Energy coverage, but also have Utility/Power and Environmental Services coverage to address the growing pressure for the United States to achieve increasing energy independence. We are solution agnostic; our approach is to bring a consistent discipline to evaluate what solutions would provide the best life cycle returns on capital and therefore provide value creating investment opportunities for our clients.
The US financial services sector is entering a sustained period of pronounced balance sheet restructuring. Our research coverage (Regional Banks, Real Estate, Specialty Finance) seeks to target those areas of this industry that offer the prospect of survivability and therefore opportunity for investors.
The distinction between Technology, Media & Telecom has steadily blurred with increasing overlap between software, hardware and content companies. Global advertising is a $500 billion market. There is a dynamic change occurring around the delivery of content and advertising to the consumer. The traditional media/entertainment business model is under siege from technology (digital, internet) and as such make up of this industry is changing and with that the allocation of the global ad dollar. Who are the survivors and in what format will the content and advertizing be delivered and consumed are all in flux.