Equity Capital Markets
On August 1, 2008, Wunderlich Securities, Inc. (WSI) set out to build an institutional Equity Capital Markets. Our mission is to have relevancy in the industries that we cover, to impart the information in a timely and succinct manner, and to help our institutional clients with trading on a best execution basis.
Thought provoking, relevant Research is the foundation we are building upon. Our value-add to the institutional investment community is our unique ability to define the underlying themes which will drive the Equity markets now and into the future.
Our mandate is to create the mindshare, a partnership, with our clients to serve their investment needs. We must help them think “out of the box”, to understand all factions of the industries and companies of which they have an interest. It is imperative that our product is strategic in its thinking, thought provoking in its direction, and relevant in its content.
Our professionals in Research, Institutional Sales and Trading are committed to the principles of “helping our clients to make money.” Our focus is on secular growth industries and industries that have improving visibility for a long cyclical recovery. Our salespeople have significant industry knowledge and are an extension of our industry experts in Research; able to stand on their own with their own investment insights. Our institutional trading operation is competitive on all fronts with the best in the industry; coupling best in class technology and relationships to provide best execution.
We have chosen this time, or maybe the time has chosen us, to enter the Equity Capital Markets arena. There is an unparalleled opportunity to surround ourselves with exceptional human talent in all segments of our business- Research, Institutional Sales and Trading. We recognize the financial distress that our global and national markets face and welcome this opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of our peers.